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Skin Resurfacing Treatment


Treats fine lines, pigmentation, acne, improves overall skintone

 Removes the epidermis to visibly improve the structure of the skin

 Increases cell turnover

 Can reduce acne scarring

 Reduces the appearance of sun damage with regular treatment

Improves skin texture

Skin appears brighter and more radiant

Stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen

Unclogs pores and erodes blackheads

Treats oily skin, regulates sebum production

Treats dry skin, deep exfoliation, deeper product penetration

These mild to medium depth treatments improve skin colour, texture and overall complexion brightness. They are are customized and often combined to address your specific skin needs.

How many treatments are needed and when do you start to see benefits?

Typically, a course of 2-6 treatments is needed to achieve desired results, but a one off treatment will still be beneficial and provide excellent exfoliation and skin brightening. These treatments can be performed as often as 2-6 weeks apart. Depending on the treatment, you may see benefits immediately or during the course.


*requires consultation & patch test

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